Viper® Bag Opener (Orange)

The Viper bag opener was developed to protect workers from lacerations by safely opening bags without the use of dangerous loose blades. Plastic edges surround the recessed cutting blade, preventing the blade from making deep cuts while minimizing cross contamination between the contents of different bags. This Viper bag opener comes in easy-to-find orange, and it is also available in blue.




The orange Viper bag opener:

  • Minimizes cross-contamination, which causes foodborne illness
  • Reduces injuries associated with loose blades in the workplace
  • Reduces food product damage and contamination
  • Is NSF Certified
  • Complies with FDA regulations
  • Is made of food-safe materials
  • Resists corrosion and breakage with stainless steel blades
  • Comes in high visibility orange
  • Is ergonomically designed and easy to use
  • Cleans easily in dishwasher or sanitizer
  • Has a metal detectable option
  • Can be serial numbered
  • May be recycled

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