Mini Pop-Up Wet Floor Sign with Carrying Case

Most slip and fall injuries occur in the time it takes for an employee to retrieve a wet floor sign or clean up supplies. These mini pop-up wet floor signs come in a wearable pouch, allowing employees to immediately mark hazards, warning customers right away to prevent accidents. Each pouch contains two mini pop-up wet floor signs.



CrewSafe mini pop-up wet floor signs:

  • Identify slip and fall hazards immediately, reducing the risk of customer and employee injuries
  • Reduce the financial impact slip and fall accidents have on a company from medical, legal and lost time expenses
  • Comply with ANSI Z535 Standard for caution signage
  • Clearly communicate that a hazard is present in both English & Spanish
  • Come in a wearable pouch that holds 2 mini pop-up wet floor signs
  • Are portable, lightweight and compact

Product Specs

In Progress.


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