Keeping A Close Watch On Going Green


To open items packaged in boxes and bags, most people turn to a utility knife, regardless of their industry. There are all sorts of utility knives, such as single-edge blades, snap-off razor blade knives, single-sided carton cutters, and so on.
The problem happens with blade changes. No matter how careful people may be, blades still get lost or accidentally thrown away during replacement. Missing blades can then end up in food, causing product loss, injury, or worse in the hands of customers. Spellbound is helping to solve this crucial safety problem. 
We developed a number of groundbreaking disposable safety-utility knives that use embedded-blade technology. There’s no longer any need to replace or even handle blades. When the blade dulls, simply dispose of the entire knife. Now in addition to eliminating razor blades, Spellbound is helping to keep the office GREEN by reducing the plastic content of each knife. This also allows us to offer an affordable alternative to replacement-blade knives.



  1. Develop a safe knife that will work across multiple industries with a disposable cartridge, so it is an affordable alternative to utility knives with replacement blades.
  2. Minimize the use of plastics and other waste, while retaining the safety and function of a disposable utility knife



After conducting our own research to understand the appeal of replacement-blade utility knives, Spellbound determined the primary driver to be cost. It didn’t matter that razor blades are among the most dangerous tool used in any work environment. Noting the absence of a safe, affordable alternative to replacement blades, we stepped up to fill a distinct need.
The Spellbound team set to work, unleashing the Power Of Many Minds® with only two requirements: keep the solution safe and affordable. The winning idea needed to offer the safety of a fully disposable knife, with reduced materials and cost, so that only a portion of the knife would be discarded.
Prototyping and rigorous testing ensued and a final design was approved, marking the dawn of the disposable cartridge knife.



Now workers no longer have to handle loose razor blades, thanks to the CrewSafe Cartridge Knife by Spellbound, which provides a safe, affordable alternative to utility knives that require replacement blades. What’s more, the locking-guard feature provides an additional safeguard so the blade won’t become exposed once the cartridge is discarded, thereby protecting the health and safety of workers and their customers.

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